Guardian Pistol
Guardian Pistol is a 3 part training program for anyone who wants to develop their defensive handgun shooting skills.
This Guardian Pistol curriculum is a simple and effective way of developing a defensive-oriented skill set with a handgun. Designed for all shooters of any age who want to be prepared for self-defense encounters. Traditionally students take the 3 courses back-to-back in a 3-day format. Newer shooters with solid fundamentals that work hard will have no problem getting through the program. Experienced shooters will also benefit from the methodical approach to fundamentals but will also be really challenged.

Guardian Essentials - Pistol (Level 1)
Required Prerequisite: Basic Handgun / CCW Course
This course is called Guardian Essentials because it introduces to the student the essential skills needed to carry a firearm and use it in self-defense. In Guardian Essentials students are taught skills such as target presentation, trigger manipulation, drawing from a holster, use of cover, reloading, malfunction clearing, shooting while moving and more. Students establish the proper habits and fundamental techniques in an all-day live-fire course. Students leave with a strong clarity of what they need to practice and how to strengthen those shooting skills. 
(Appx 400 rounds of ammunition)
Guardian Standards - Pistol (Level 2)
Required Prerequisite: Guardian Essentials - Pistol
This course is called Guardian Standards because we introduce to students a series of standards that will help them build off of what they learned in the Guardian Essentials course. In Guardian Standards students go deeper on core shooting skills and combine those essentials with the complexity of a dynamic shooting environment. Through a variety of drills and exercises students further build on the foundation of essentials necessary to engrain the correct muscle memory in an all-day live-fire course. 
(Appx 400 rounds of ammunition)
Guardian BreakThru - Pistol (Level 3)
Required Prerequisite: Guardian Standards - Pistol
This course is called Guardian BreakThru because students will break through the plateau most shooters get stuck in, ultimately moving past the core shooting skills and beginning the journey of advanced, more rigorous and complex shooting. It is the culmination of combining all the shooting skills together to ensure students can maximize the odds of a positive outcome in any environment. Students will leave the course fully confident that no matter the threats they are fully prepared for a positive outcome in a gunfight. This course is an all-day live-fire course. 
(Appx 400 rounds of ammunition)
Graduates Of Each Guardian Course Will Receive:
  •  A signed certificate of course completion 
  •  A custom Patch specific to the course, that only those who have attended and completed the course have the privilege of wearing and displaying 
  •  A special coveted Challenge Coin specific to the course, received for completion and distinction attained in and Guardian Nation courses
*Note ammunition is not included. More details about the gear you need are below.
The Instructors:
Each Guardian Pistol course is taught by a certified Guardian Pistol Instructor. These instructors have years of experience in the classroom and on the range and go through and pass a rigorous training program to ensure their ability and training are up to the task of all our students. 

Take All 3 Courses Together & Save
Each course is a one-day stand-alone course but if you pre-pay for all three in advance you enjoy some great savings! Plus, you will have the benefit of learning and training all defensive pistol skills and combining them in comlex environments and scenarios!
EACH Course By Itself

    All Three courses
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      Ready to Enroll in The Course? 
      Not Just Yet... Please Read Some Important Information About What Students Will Need to Bring to The Course...
      Students will have to prepare the following:
      Come having watched several preparatory videos in advance of the course date (videos provided after signing up for the course and total less than 45 minutes of total material).

      Be physically capable of walking, running, kneeling, standing, sitting, etc. If you have physical limitations, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please let us know ahead of time if you require special accommodations.

      ****NOTE: While it is preferable that the student bring/supply the below gear; guns and other gear can be rented from the instructors.

      A handgun that is appropriate for CCW and defensive shooting 
        * Micro compact guns are not preferred—Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard and similar.
        * Double-stack mid-sized or full-sized semi-autos are preferred—Glock 19 or similar—but not absolutely necessary.
        * We want you to use what you will actually carry or defend your home with. But with smaller guns, they will be more difficult to shoot quickly and accurately, and you will be required to reload more often.

      A minimum of 3 magazines for double-stack guns, and a minimum of 5 magazines for single-stack guns.

      An appropriate holster—a concealment holster is preferred, but not necessary. OWB holsters are acceptable as well. The following holsters are not allowed: ankle, thigh, bra, cross-draw. 

      A quality spare mag pouch (or pouches) - you will be doing reloads, and you need a reliable way to access a spare mag or two. If you need recommendations on spare mag pouch products (or on any of the products mentioned here), please let us know. We will help you get outfitted properly.

      Appropriate clothing for the shooting and weather conditions: Pants, No low-collared or V-neck shirts, Hat with forward-facing brim, Good shoes or boots, Knee pads if you want or have knee problems as there will be some kneeling and shooting, Coat/Jacket depending on weather, Shooting gloves if desired.
      Don't worry, Guardian Essentials (The Level 1 course) is designed for someone who already took a basic CCW Class and is ready for the next step. You don't need to be an expert shooter. You will be standing next to other gun owners who are ready to learn and excited to take the next step forward on the Armed Citizen Journey to being a Guardian!
      NOTE: Members of Guardian Nation will receive the standard 10% off of this course just like every other product on When you click the Add to Cart button just be sure you are logged in and the discount will be automatically applied. If you are interested in joining Guardian Nation you can learn more by clicking here.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Do I have to be a member of Guardian Nation to take a Guardian Pistol Course?
      No! Guardian Nation is a wonderful community of dedicated self-defense shooters who enjoy a number of member only benefits but anyone may enroll in a Guardian Pistol course.
      I'm not sure if I am qualified to take these courses. How do I know?
      Guardian Essentials is for beginners but isn't designed to teach you how to load your firearm, or other basic firearm operation. If you feel comfortable going to a gun range, loading your firearm, and shooting at a target then this is for you. If you need someone to show you how to load and fire your handgun then contact us or any other qualified instructor and get those basic things ironed out.
      I normally carry in an Ankle/Bra/Thigh/Crossdraw holster. Why can't I use these in the class?
      This class is fast pace. We move quickly through a lot of the shooting and material and drawing from those positions will slow down the class even if you do it correctly and safely. If you would like to bring that holster there may be times in the class where it would be appropriate to run certain drills from that holster but be sure to bring it as a secondary holster.
      My carry gun is listed as "not-preferred." Why?
      Smaller handguns with very low capacity will slow you down in this class. You will have to reload the firearm more often and will have to stop the class to reload your magazines more often. In addition these micro-guns are less accurate and more difficult to shoot which in turn makes it harder to learn shooting skills using those guns. If you would like to bring that gun there may be times in the class where it would be appropriate to run certain drills with that gun but be sure to bring it as a secondary firearm.
      I need to borrow some gear. What will that cost?
      Please contact us at and let us know what you need. We don't want anyone to be unable to take the class due to not having the right gun/gear so we will work with you on it. Bear in mind however that using your own gear gives you a chance to put it to the test and build muscle memory with that gun/gear and is thus preferable to borrowing/renting something.
      Where Is The Class Held?
      Guardian Pistol classes are taught by Guardian Pistol Instructors around the country. Click on the link above to go to our schedule and search for a class near you.
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