Learn Basic Firearm Handling & Safety Without Leaving Your Living Room
Plus Get Qualified to Carry Concealed in 29 States.
Legal “Loophole” Allows You To Take An ONLINE ONLY Course And Get a Valid Permit to Carry A Concealed Weapon in 29 States
PLUS you get tons of extras and bonuses that you would never find at a typical basic firearm class that will help keep you and your family safe and prepared!
  • Are you a beginner who is looking for the most important safety and handling instruction?
  • Have you been wanting to get your permit but can’t seem to find 2 whole days on your calendar?
  • Are concealed carry courses in your area overly complicated and expensive?
  • Are you hesitant to let a local “expert” try to teach you how to hold your gun?
If You Said YES to Any of These Questions I Have a Solution That Will Turn This Around
Our Online Basic Concealed Carry Class will give you all the core instruction you need to get started while also helping you get a concealed carry permit (if you live somewhere it is honored)
Taking a class at the Range Isn’t For Everyone
Taking a class at the range can be difficult. You have to give up a full day or more, buy expensive ammunition, and hope you can hear the instructor over all the noise. If you have been shooting guns your whole life it won’t matter… they still want you to take the same steps as every rookie on the street.
That is when I decided there had to be a better way. I researched the gun laws in each of the 50 states to search for a loophole in the law that will help me get the proper training and permits into the MAXIMUM number of hands as possible. That is when I discovered the secret. There is a way I can give you the training required over the internet and you can get legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 29 states.

You see by taking this online course and watching some videos you will not only be prepared to carry a gun and be prepared to use it against the threats that surround us but also be able to get a concealed carry permit. This new online only course will skip the drama and give you the critical insights you need to be safe and legal as you strive to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Meet Your Instructor Jacob Paulsen
I am the founder of ConcealedCarry.com, today’s fastest-growing firearm instruction company in the United States. As of this writing, we are delivering in-person firearm instruction in 21 US states, teaching thousands of new Americans each year about firearm safety, handling, proficiency, and legal concerns. 

In addition to in-person training, ConcealedCarry.com also provides online courses and training options to Americans via its website. Prior to ConcealedCarry.com I founded Justice Education Security, a private security business that provided executive protection services to executives, celebrities, and other important assets. 

I am a certified NRA Instructor, Utah BCI Instructor, licensed private investigator, certified Range Safety Officer, Certified Armorer for Glock and Sig Sauer, Affiliate Instructor for Next Level Training and L.A.S.R., and a USCCA certified instructor. I have personally given in person firearm training to over 5,000 students in the last 5 years. 

I am also the author of self-defense and firearm-related books and am the editor in chief for the ConcealedCarry.com blog. I want to invite you to take a training that will change your life as it has done for the thousands of students that have received it in the past.

Here are some of the benefits:
  • You will get 100% of the instruction right here on your computer via video
  • The instruction will come from me, a certified instructor who has taught this class to thousands of people in person
  • You will NEVER have to go to a range and fire your weapon
  • You will learn critical firearm handling and concealed carry basics
Here Are Some of the Topics We Will Cover in This Course
  • Handguns & Ammunition Basics like the differences between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns
  • The anatomy of a bullets and round as well as the difference between full metal jackets & hollow points
  • The basics of reloading your own ammunition
  • Considerations in selecting a weapon to purchase and carry concealed
  • Safety Fundamentals and the Primary Safety Rules
  • How to Properly inspect a weapon to make sure it is unloaded
  • Children and Firearm Safety
  • Proper Safety Gear & Firearm Storage
  • Dealing with Public Gun Ranges & Stores
  • Basic Handling including proper firearm grip and stances
  • Recognizing and clearing common malfunctions
  • Concealed Carry fundamentals, techniques, & holsters
  • Concealed Carry Apparel & Lifestyle
  • Understanding Private Property Rights and Gun Free Zones
  • Traveling – State Laws / Airplanes
  • Firearm and CCW Reciprocity
  • Dealing with Traffic Stops & Other Confrontations with Law Enforcement
  • How to maximize ongoing training & practice
  • How Often Should You Train?
  • How to train using lower caliber or laser training weapons
  • Tips for Range Training for Self Defense
  • How to master a defensive mindset
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
  • How Gun Laws are Passed
  • How Court Precedents dictate the way the law is interpreted
  • Open Carry Legal Overview
  • Federal Property Restrictions
  • Citizen’s Arrest Overview
  • Shooting Aftermath
  • Legal & Civil Liability
  • Buying & Selling Firearms, Ammunition, & Accessories
  • Industry Organizations & Resources

Plus, this course will qualify you to apply for your concealed carry permit from the state of Virginia which happens to currently allow ANY US citizen from ANY state to apply for an receive their permit by just taking this ONLINE ONLY class.

What is this online course exactly?
This course is a basic firearm course that covers core firearm operation, safety, maintenance, and laws. It is designed for anyone who is getting started with handgun ownership. It ALSO happens to qualify the student to apply for the Virginia concealed carry permit.
Is The Permit Good Everywhere?
No, it won't be. You would be applying for the Virginia permit and it will only be good in states that honor their permit. The map below will clarify which ones.
Could the Laws Change?
Yes. Right now Virginia allows you to qualify for their permit via this online class. That could change but if it did that wouldn't effect you if you already have the permit. 
Right now the Virginia permit is honored in the states as shown below. That map is likely to change and when it does that would effect you even if you already have the permit.
What if I don't live in Virginia?
It doesn't matter. Any US citizen can apply for the Virginia non-resident permit.
Can I just apply for the permit in my local state?
Probably not without taking a local course. Most states require you take an in-person training course in order to qualify for your local state permit. Our online course wouldn't qualify.
If I take this course am I guaranteed to get the permit?
No, we guarantee that this course meets the training requirements set by the state of Virginia but you still have to submit all the paperwork to them and pass a background check.
Didn't Virginia recently announce they aren't going to recognize permits anymore?
Not exactly. In December 2015 Virginia did announce that effective February 1st, 2016 they will no longer recognize permits from any but 4 states. This DOES NOT effect people who have the Virginia concealed carry permit. Thus it wouldn't effect you in getting your VA permit or carrying concealed in the states we show in the map below.
What If I already have a permit?
Well we still think you would find the course content valuable and there is nothing to keep you from getting additional permits. You might find that carrying the Virginia permit in addition to your current permit will give you more flexibility when you travel.
Here is what some of our students are saying:
Student from Texas:
“In order to get my Texas concealed carry permit I would have to attend an 11 hour in person course that will require that the instructor hold my hand and teach me how to shoot. By taking this online class I got a permit that allows me to carry in my home state of Texas and many other states without having to waste a Saturday on a range with an instructor teaching me how to hold my gun.”

Student from California:
“I have almost no hope of getting a permit from my own state so by taking this course I was able to get a concealed carry permit that doesn’t help me in my home state, but at least I can carry my weapon concealed in a lot of other US states I often travel to.”

Student from Ohio:
"Ohio requires I take a minimum of 8 hours of training including spending money on ammunition and shooting my gun at a range with other students I've never met before. With this online class I was able to quickly finish the class in a few hours and apply for a permit that is not only valid in Ohio but more than 1/2 the country as well."

Student from Vermont:
"Vermont doesn't currently have any sort of concealed carry permit or program. When I'm in my own state I can carry concealed legally without any permit but when I travel I was unable to carry my gun in any of the other 49 states. Now, having taken this online class and gotten my Virginia permit I can continue to carry concealed in half of the other states in this country."
Ready for the Map? This Permit is Valid in Any of the Green States below and it DOESN'T matter what state you are from.
*Attn Residents of Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina (specific counties) Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. While the Virginia permit is honored in your state, your state requires that residents obtain their local state permit in order to carry concealed in the state. In other words, a resident of any other state with a Virginia non-resident permit can carry concealed legally in your state but you could not unless you have a local state Concealed Carry Permit. We still invite you to obtain your Virginia permit so you will have reciprocity with the other states shown.
How Does This Work?
It is seriously as simple as this:
1: Watch the online videos
2: Answer the easy questions
3: Print your certificate of completion
4: Complete and mail your Virginia Permit Application
5: Your new permit comes in the mail

What About the red states?
If you live in a state that doesn’t honor the Virginia permit you can still get this permit. Perhaps you live in a state like California, Maryland, New Jersey, or New York where getting your permit is virtually impossible. Getting the Virginia permit would at least give you the right to carry concealed in dozens of states where you travel.
PLUS Receive These Free Bonuses:
Coupon Pack Worth $185
When you sign up for this class today you will immediately receive a coupon pack valued at $185. Coupons provide discounts up to $25 on various industry proven products that you will probably need anyway. Products include: Gun law books and videos, training pistols, holsters, gun cleaning products, gun safes and cases, training tools, hearing protection, and more.
"Survive Anything" by Jacob S. Paulsen
“The Most Comprehensive (Non-Classified) Guide to Personal Security & Emergency Preparedness Ever Written”
When we said this is the most complete book ever written on the subject we meant it. There are ideas, insights & techniques for survival that would blow the mind of your neighborhood police officer. This is for those who want to be prepared for and Survive ANYTHING
  • The techniques the professionals use to pick locks and handcuffs in a matter of a few seconds using tools you already have around the house
  • How to hotwire a car, lose a tail, avoid being carjacked, and escape a car going under the water
  • How to survive terrorist attacks, fires, and crashes on an airplane. Top security tips and action plans for hotels, taxis, buses, restaurants, sports stadiums, boats, and elevators
  • Keep hackers (and the NSA) from listening to your conversations while getting the top tricks to recording your conversations and phone calls to protect your own skin
  • How to turn your home into a fortress with security cameras, pick-proof locks, hidden safes, panic rooms, emergency food and water storage and anything else needed to bunker down or escape
  • Plus complete chapters on First Aid, Holiday Specific security procedures, Firearm Safety, Modern Survival for Children, Outdoor Survival, Survival Kits and Caches, Ham radio licensing and the top tricks for getting out when SHTF
"Purchasing Guide for the First Time Gun Owner" by Jacob S. Paulsen
This guide is designed for the new concealed carry permit holder. Everything you need to know to shop for, pick out, and purchase your first self-defense handgun.
  • Breaking down the advantages and legalities of retail vs private sales
  • Checklist for inspecting a used gun before purchase
  • How to select a retail store for shopping
  • Individual considerations like stopping power and ammunition capacity
  • Where to research firearms before making the plunge
  • Comparison of Revolvers VS Semi-Automatics
  • Three Steps to Getting the Best Deal!
  • Legal concerns when buying
  • Ten accessories you need to buy with your first gun
  • Overview of different calibers of handguns and their stopping power
  • And So Much More...
"The Guide to Gun Free Zones" by Jacob S. Paulsen
This guide was developed as a resource for newer concealed carry permit/license holders who want to understand the laws and regulations that govern Gun Free Zones. Learning the most common practices for both government entities and private property owners allows you to know where to look, what to ask, and how to avoid trouble day to day. Since regulations are often different from city to city or state to state this guide gives the gun owner a framework for navigating the varying regulations and laws that ultimately determine where you can and cannot carry.
  • The Difference Between Government and Private Gun Free Zones
  • Do Gun Free Zones Have The “Force of Law”
  • Can Employees or Leasees Enforce Gun Free Policies
  • Can a Landlord Establish or Enforce Restrictions
  • Can You Have a Firearm in Your Vehicle on Restricted Private Property
  • Different Methods A No-Gun Policy Can be Communicated
  • Dealing With Private Property Restrictions
  • What Are Your Options in Gun Free Zones
  • How to Secure Your Firearm in Your Car
  • How and Where to Research Your Local Laws Related to Gun Free Zones
It All Sounds Amazing Right? How Much Will It Cost…
Consider that spending time on the range with me costs about $350 per hour.
Your average concealed carry class in person costs appx $200.

I’m not going to charge anywhere near that amount. Today I’m pleased to offer this online only course including the free bonuses for the low cost of $39.

Seriously it would cost you more than that just in ammunition to take an in-person concealed carry class.
Now Only $39
Why Such a low price? Because I want the maximum number of people possible to take this class and get this training. In addition, we offer a lot of other online training and I’m confident that after you see the value in this course you will want to continue your education with me and my team.

*Also please note that the $39 investment doesn't include the $100 application fee payable to the State of Virginia when you send in your application.
Here are actual testimonials from my students:
  • The USA CCW & Firearm training was excellent! I am a traveling Evangelist and couldn’t find the time to take a CCW class. Every time I was home no one would be offering the class, and while I was gone, then they would have class after class. My father heard about taking the CCW class online so I looked into it. After shopping around for a while I found that this offered the best bang for the buck. The classes were easy and I could work on them around things I had to do. I highly recommend taking this class….. you won’t regret it!" -Adam Walz
  • Professionally presented class with many good points addressed. There’s no substitute for good judgement and safety and Jacob presents that very well in his class without beating you over the head with it. This is an excellent class that is informative for beginners as well as the advanced, don’t hesitate taking this class it’s worth your time. – C.S.
  • I feel Jacob gave a very polished, concise and professional class that I would and indeed have recommended to friends and family. – Andrew J.
  • Jacob is an excellent instructor since he loves this subject and is very knowledgeable. He is a clear and concise speaker, and always asks if there are questions. – M. Albers
  • Just PERFECT..!! Jacob is awesome his class is really complete, answer for every single question,of course ill be back…Thank you guys! – Robert Carillo
  • Great class! Very informative and educational. Jacob knows a lot about CCW and had very helpful information to share. He’s a great presenter and made the class entertaining. Pleasantly surprised and would recommend anyone to take this class from Jacob. – Lisa B.
  • Class was informative and flew bye. I have Hunted and owned firearms for the past 41 years and still got schooled. Good Job!!! – Andy S.
  • Very good course. Well taught by Jacob Paulsen. I am retired military and a competitive shooter who learned a lot from the class, which was required to renew my CCW permit. – Jim B.
  • Myself and my wife took Jacob’s class yesterday. I must say Jacob has it all together, has an outstanding knowledge of firearms and presents it to you in a very professional manner. When you have finished the class you come away a with new knowledge of firearms and CCW. Would recommend this class to everyone. – Jim G.
  • I was very pleased with the class and the professionalism shown by Jacob Paulsen. I took the class yesterday with my girlfriend. We are both fairly new to the gun world so we appreciated the pace of the class and came away with many topics for us to discuss together. I also enjoyed the fact that the class never became political or a soapbox for anyone to preach any social message. It was everything we needed and nothing we did not. Thanks. – Michael B.
  • This class was very informative and is highly recommended for anyone interested in obtaining their CCW. Jacob has a friendly demeanor, great presentation style, and offers the information in an easy to follow manner. – Steven G.
How Much is the Virginia Application Fee?
When you mail in your application to Virginia you will have to include a cashiers check or money order for $100
Do I Have to Pass a Background Check?
Yes, when you mail in your application to Virginia they will process a state and federal background check
Do I Have to Get Fingerprinted?
Yes, when you mail in your application to Virginia you will have to include fingerprints. We will give you some guidance on how/where to get your fingerprints done
Move On This Now…
I don’t know how much longer the State of Virginia will allow this to happen but once you have your permit you have it. I wouldn’t wait a moment longer… click the add to cart button and get started today!
Thank you and I look forward to being your virtual firearm instructor!


Jacob S. Paulsen
Copyright 2019 - Concealed Carry Inc